Driver Safety Tip #3: Use Your Blinkers!

We can’t tell you how many accidents occur in New Orleans because drivers fail to use their blinkers. You have to remember to use them to warn surrounding drivers if your planning to make a turn.

According to this study http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2012/05/02/new-study-says-failure-to-use-turn-signals-is-a-leading-cause-of-car-accidents/ over 2 million accidents occur every year for this reason.

“Research from the Society of Automotive Engineers says failure to use those turn signals results in more than twice the number of accidents that are caused by distracted driving.” So take our warning here and make sure you use your blinkers when your on the road. Your safety and others around you depend on it.


And if you have a blinker thats out get it replaced fast! Safe yourself getting a traffic infraction.

If you do get in a accident we offer a variety of towing services to help you out!

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